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These reviews are by actual patients. Not fake first names like some websites have.

"When my back and neck hurt I trust Dr. Morleand to help me. He has been a blessing for me and my whole family."

Dr. S. W. Orhthopedic surgeon

Dr. Moreland is the BEST!!! He has been treating me for 17years and I would never go to anyone else for my Chiropractic needs. I have fibromyalgia, and he is always attentive to my needs and the special treatment I require. Dr Moreland was the first doctor that did not treat me like my pain was all in my head. He treats my entire family and always will. I recommend him to all of my family and friends. Weather you have never been to a chiropractor or are just looking for a great chiropractic doctor, do your body a BIG favor and give Dr. Moreland a call. His staff is very helpful and respectful and that means a lot!! "Dr D" Thanks for being my doctor and taking such good care of me & my family!!!!

Chad S. Fom google  Rolla MO
I am a professional golfer. When my back and neck hurts I go to Dr. Moreland in Rolla MO. He gives awesome care. I rely on my spine to make my living.
Bonnita B.  From Google Rolla MO


I have gone to Doc Moreland for 12 years. The entire staff makes you feel at ease and comfortable, and they all have a great sense of humor and that helps! Doc is patient and listens to you. I never feel rushed or ignored. When you walk in, you are acknowledged- there's always someone at the desk and you aren't left standing there waiting for someone to appear. I highly recommend Doc Moreland and his staff if you want the best care.
Heather  Rolla MO.  From Google
So, today, I finally went to see a Chiropractor!! Its a HUGE deal for me since 1)the idea of someone popping my neck terrifies me (since it looks like theyre trying to break my neck! lol) 2) im cheap and dont like to spend money on copays 3) we all know i dont do things out of my comfort zone....Well, I finally took Kacie's advice and went into Moreland Chiropractic Clinic in Rolla, and I swear, Im in love! LOL Everything from making the appt the other day, getting treated, figuring out insurance, and setting up my next appt was as simple as they come. How often do you see cheerful AND polite people working in a Dr's office? I rarely do! I found out some info today that should really help me out! I only wish the other doctors Id seen over the last year and a half would have mentioned this info to me! It was clearly written up in the reports, but no one felt the need to explain any of it til now...So, Thanks Dr Moreland! I cant wait to get back in next week.
Diane S  From Google  St. James MO

I have used Dr. David for more than 4 years whenever I have had an injury. His professionalism and friendliness are beyond compare. He does not waste your time or money on unneeded treatments. I had 12 sessions my first injury in about 6 weeks. I healed quickly and well. I am in treatment for my second injury and after the first session, the pain had subsided considerably. I am a single working mother and finding treatment that is affordable and efficient is extremely crucial. Dr. David offers that and is always happy to work me in around my working schedule. I recommend him to anyone and everyone I can. He also treated a veteran acquaintance of mine whose doctors told him he would never live pain free again. I recommended Dr. David and within 6 weeks, he was once again holding down a full time job and his quality of life had improved 100 percent.

Jessica F. From google

Dr. Moreland has been my Chiropractor for many many years. I would not go to anyone else. He is kind, compassionate and concerned about his patients. I would recomend him to anyone that needs a Chiropractor. In my opinion he is the best in town.

Myrl D. From google  Rolla MO

Best chiropractor around, hands down.  Very professional, easy to deal with.

Ashly D.  Rolla MO Bing

"Had headaches for years, no more. I didn't hurt a bit. Thanks Dr. D"

Jimmy S. Rolla MO  From Yahoo

"Best in Rolla: I have gone there for over a year and like them better than any others that I've tried in Rolla. They are a very small office, 3 people, but are very personable and professional and know what is going on."

Gwen. R.  Rolla MO  Yahoo


"I trust Dr. Moreland, he helps my back and knee pain. The staff is great and professional."

Sammie M  Rolla MO From Google

I had low back and left leg pain. I went to Dr. Moreland and he helped me a bunch. Thanks to him and his staff.