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DOT/CDL Physical exams in Rolla MO

Certified by The NRCME

We are dedicated to serving our drivers, we strive to make the exam and paperwork as painless as possible. We understand it's your livelihood.

Our office has all the forms you need. If you are taking any prescription medications make sure to bring a list of your medications with you and the name of the doctor that has prescribed the medication to you. Recent changes require that the prescribing doctors name and address be on your form.

Relaxing Truck Driver

If you have sleep apnea and you use a CPAP regularly, please bring the sim card located on the back of the CPAP machine with you to the examination. This helps prove that you are compliant with the current regulations

The examination is relatively quick and pain free. You are now required to take the long form to the driver’s license bureau. They no longer accept the laminated cards. However we still give you the laminated cards to have with you in an emergency.

Dr. David J. Moreland DC, CCSP has been performing these exams for close to 25 years now. His father was a Missouri State Highway patrolman for 38 years, he is well aware of all the requirements for the DOT exam and what the highway patrol needs.

Examinations are subject to a 24 hour cancelation notice.

Dr. David J. Moreland DC, CCSP, CME
Rolla MO 65401