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St. James @ Pesron

Hey guys there is still time to get registered for the St. James 2 person scramble this weekend. The Oak Meadow 3 person is May 11 and 12. There are openings for this tournament as well. Next Sr. Golf session is Thursday May 9. 2 PM. Shoulders and Cores.

Moreland Chiropractic  Dr. David Moreland Rolla MO






Weight loss and Chiropractic care reduce back and joint pain.

For 25 years I have always told people that patient's of all sizes get back pain. I have also said it doesn't hurt to lose a little weight, doing this is the difficult part.

A study that came out in January 2018 that has concluded that back pain can be eased with just a simple 10% weight loss. It has also been concluded that the weight loss will reduce abdominal pain, chest pain, knee pain, etc.

I will continue to tell people that all size patients get back pain, but there is data to prove that weight loss can help reduce their back pain. So for now I will continue to instruct patients to exercise and strengthen their core and spine. I will also tell people to get regular chiropractic adjustments to keep their spine mobile and reduce the chance of degenerative joint disease. I will give them copies of this recent study from the The Journal of Pain that proves that weight loss helps to reduce back pain.

Now for the hard part losing weight. Often I find patients struggle to lose weight, myself included. They will tell me that they are only eating 1500 to 1600 calories a day, yet they don't feel like they're losing weight. In typical fashion they give up and often binge eat. I think it's most important that a patient knows his BMR, this is your basal metabolic rate. Figure your out your BMR now.

Google search "BMR" calculator, this will quickly give you the amount of calories it takes for you to stay at the weight you are today. If you have a low BMR such as 1200 or 1400 calories a day, you will struggle to lose weight on a 1500 calorie a day diet.

It is important to try to move to more low glycemic index style diet. This reduces the amount of sugar in your body and sugar is addictive and causes inflammation. Patients will be flabbergasted how much better they feel when they go on a low glycemic diet. Examples of these diets are the ketogenic diet, Atkins diet, South Beach diet, and the Gerson diet. Dr's get rave reviews for just putting patient's on a low glycemic diet or even a gluten free diet.

If you live in St. Louis the doctors at Washington University have a Medi-Cal diet that works wonders. It is a very low glycemic diet the patient sustains themselves on protein drinks and sugar free Jell-O. The diet works my brothers lost a lot of weight on this he also manages his diabetes very well.

In closing we Moreland chiropractic clinic are always here to help give you advice on your back pain, get to adjusted and get you back to life. If you enjoy golf you should let back pain interfere with coffee. If you like playing with your grandchildren you should like back pain interfere with that activity either.

Chiropractic care works wonders for back pain. Give us a call at Moreland chiropractic. 364-8086.

I have instructed patients that both overweight patients, skinny patients and medium-size patients get back pain. So I've told patients that are overweight to not get themselves down about being overweight and having problems.

I still contend that most back problems in modern society are caused from sitting and not exercising. The modern workplace requires a sedentary job often even large companies like the distribution center require the workers to ride around on forklifts all day.


Dementia Chiropractic

In an aging population many people are asking me what Chiropractic care can do for reversing dementia and or helping with Alzheimers disease. The short and fast answer is to give th patient advice and guidance. There are no studies I can find that prove that chiropractic manipulation can help with demintia.

I have come across research that demonstrates that learning a sceond language may benefit or reverse. I will post a link. Even if future studies disprove this theory, what can it hurt and how better to enrich your life. 


Dr. David J. Moreland

Moreland Chiropractic Clinic

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Fourth of July in Rolla

Fourth of July is next Wed. Get out there and support the community and go to the Carnival. it's a Rolla MO tradition.

Be safe and don't get hurt. We are always jut a call away. We have a great staff and always open for your needs.


David Moreland, DC

Moreland Chiropractic Clinic

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Grellner Golf

The Grellner golf tournament was a blast as always. I got to see a lot of friends and patients. For all my Dr Golf patients, you looked good out there. It was nice to see everyone doing thier exercises.

Next tournament for me will be the OMCC two man in July. We will have two Dr. Golf before then, one her and one in Springfield.

Chiropractic care does amazing things.





Oak Meadow 3 person

The Oak Meadow 3 person scramble is this weekend. As usual I will be doing a Dr. Golf this Thursday before. It is limited to 10 people.

We will work on your turn, hip flexors and hamstrings.

Looking forward to seeing everyone that is from out of town.


David J. Moreland, DC, CCSP

Certfied by the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians 

Rolla MO



Chiropractor SPring

April 16, 2018, I'm still waiting for spring. This winter has been a long long drawnout winter. Mother nature is teased us with a few warm days here and there. This cold weather is aggravating everybody's neck and back issues. For those of us who love the golf it's killing us.

Fear not fellow chiropractic patients, I do believe spring is about to be here. This week the temperature should be in the 60s. My lawn had to be mowed last week which is awesome. We are already for warm weather.

Remember to do your exercises to get your's fine strong and flexible. Keep your chiropractic adjustments to keep your back healthy and moving properly. We are always open in the same location for 23 years. We want you to have a great summer and great spring we don't want you to have issues with your neck and back that limit your activities.

Hopefully the next few weekends will bring sunshine and heat so we can all get outside and enjoy the weather for you turkey hunters be safe out there the next 2 weeks.

Sincerely Dr. David Moreland, DC, CCSP.
Rolla MO 65401


Golf is around the corner

Oh how we all hate winter. Well, golfers hate winter.

Today this chiropractor is seeing sunshine outside so I am getting the golfing bug and bad. The golf course in Rolla is showing signs of winter abuse, much like our bodies. Spring will be a much needed healing time.

Rain and sunshine will make the turf green up. Andy and his crew will begin top dressing the greens and the tee boxes. The mowers are tuned up and reay to go. Nuicance oak trees have been removed.

Where I am I going with this, well the course is getting ready, is your spine and body ready. Febuary is the best time to start getting in shape for the golf season. Get to work on your routine. Start stretching, start strengtehning your core. Chiropractors love core strengthening exercises, there are alot of these on this web page. Start practicing your swing. Hit some balls. Get to walking.

Get to the chiropractor and get adjusted. Getting your spine in shape is paramount to a golf golf swing.

Don't forget to make sure your golf cart is tuned up as well. Bateries, oil etc.

Enjoy this year.



Chiropractor Cold Weather Blues

Patients are often confused about their back pain and cold weather. A patient wonders why ice feels good on their back but yet when it’s cold outside their back hurts more. There is a reason for this phenomenon. Colder weather is often associated with low pressure zones. Low pressure causes joints and bones to expand. If the patient has arthritis this joint expansion creates pain.

This is different than using cryotherapy at home during an acute injury. When a patient uses cryotherapy at home this reduces inflammation in the joint. By reducing inflammation in the joint this makes the joint slightly smaller and reduces edema and inflammation around the joint thereby reducing the patient’s pain.

So a patient must understand when it is proper to use heat and when it is proper to use ice. The basic rule of thumb is ice is “nice and hot is not”. This rule is in regard to an acute injury.

An example of this is when a patient sprains or strains his or her ankle. Initially for the first 48 to 72 hours ice should be applied.

An example of a chronic condition may be upper back pain. If the patient has had these aches and pains and they’ve had them for a long time say several years, and there is no radiculopathy are neuropathy. Then it is appropriate to use a moist heating pad.This will reduce pain and increase circulation. If you live in Rolla Missouri and are suffering from back pain consider giving chiropractic care a try. Chiropractic can work wonders for patients with back pain. Getting your joints moving and optimizing your spine is always a healthy idea. Moreland chiropractic clinic has been offering incredible chiropractic care for 23 years in the same great location.