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Rolla has a mask mandate; we will get through this. It’s time to do something different.

We have an opportunity to do something ground breaking. 80% of cases in Wuhan were found to be from close contact in the home. Community spread is a problem but not nearly as big as an issue as close contact spread in the home. So a key strategy to limiting case is getting people to recognize the disease and quickly isolate from others.  

Here is a diferent idea to help these patients with families.There is money from the Cares act to pay for this. 

We can set up contracts with local motels that would give infected patients a place to isolate from the family. Hear me through please. Don’t force anyone to go there, give them an opportunity to isolate away in a safe place. Obviously if you live alone you won’t need this. I like the idea of motels because there are no interior hallways. This won't be for everyone. For some it can be a game changer.    

If a person feels sick, they go to the motel. The health department or hospital test them for COVID. If they are positive, they stay there for 10 to 14 days. We bring them food etc. Let them get over the virus then go home. Obviously if the initial COVID test comes back negative they patient goes home.

We heard tonight that the county has a million dollars in Cares act funding. At $50 a night we could help a lot of people and lower familiar spread in the community. This would lower the burden on the hospital. 

If you feel a little sick, assume its COVID until you can prove it isn’t. Stay home, get well.

Wash your hands, distance and wear a mask when you can’t.

Dr. David Moreland


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Chiropractor Working From Home

Ok so the pandemic has you down but not out. Work has you  working from home and your back has never hurt worse, why?

It's a simple fact that having the right ergonomic chair can only help your back. Patients are working more from home the past six months. This is taking a bad effect on your backs. As I chat with patients many of them are working at the kitchen table with just kitchen chairs. This is a recipe for doom for your back.

Working in an office setting generally puts you at a desk with a qualityergonomic chair or at least a better desk chair than a kitchen chair. You also be getting up and down more moving in the office setting. As I checked with patients working from home, they state they will set up the laptop and sit and work for many hours without a break. It's almost like they have a feeling of guilt from working at home, they feel like they need to do more.

We can't change the pandemic or your work structure at this moment. We can change how you handle work at home. First try to get you a quality office chair, it's a small investment for your back. Second set a timer and make sure that every hour you get up and walk around for a little bit. Sitting all day is hard on your back. We were not meant to sit all day.

Do your back exercises and strengthen her core. Use ice, remember my saying ice is nice hot is not. Heat feels awesome but it increases inflammation and causes arthritis when it's used too much.

The news reported this morning that in May 2020, 50% of all workers wanted to continue to work from home permanently. In a new study this number is dramatically changed in 90% of all workers would prefer to go back to normal office routines.

If there is a likelihood that you may be working from home permanently. Consider investing in a standup desk and a very good exercise ball to sit on. As to a great ergonomic chair, the X chair is a fine chair, a little pricey but you can't find a better one.

Increase your fluids and make sure that you're working normal hours. 8-5 or evenings if that is when you normally work. We are seeing patients that are not sleeping well or not at all. They sleep-in and work late into the night. This will mess up your circadian rhythm, it is not good for your sleep patterns. We need eight hours of sleep a day. When we sleep is when our bodies heal.

Now I'm a chiropractor and I have to say getting regular chiropractic adjustments keep your spine moving and make you healthier, happier, and pain free.My webpage is always open 24/7 take advantage of the exercises, do these exercises to strengthen your core and increase your range of motion.

If you need us were here, Moreland chiropractic clinic, 364-8086. Rolla Missouri




Chiropractic and your leg pain.

Does your leg hurt? Is your leg numb? These can be signs of sciatica. This is oftne caused by a bulging disc in your back. Chiropractic care offers you a great treament remedy for sciaitca. Moreland Chiropractic Clinic uses a gentle decompression therapy, coupled with home care and exercise that often gives patients great relief and outcomes. 

If you are having sciaitca, give Moreland Chiropractic Clinic in Rolla Mo a call. Don't delay call today. Relief is minutes away.


Moreland Chiropractic Clinic Rolla MO







Everyone for certain is tired of the state we are in.

Remember we are in control, not the virus.Follow the CDC guidelines they are simple.

1:     Wash your hands with soap, the virus is that easy to kill.

2:    If you get sick let your doctor know and self-quarantine.

Stop giving the virus more credit than it deserves, it is not evil. It has no brain or any agenda.

Stop calling it invisible. It is not magical, you can see it with advanced microscopes. You can test for it with a variety of test. We know way more about the virus than it does us. We are in control not the virus.

Be cautious but never be afraid of anything that you can kill with soap.


Sciatica Rolla MO Chiropractor

Bulging or herniated disc can cause a variety of issues and pain. The most common bulging disc in the lumbar spine is L5/S1. It generally is known for causing sciatica. Sciatica is a pain that makes one leg hurt, deep inside like a bone pain for many people. Sitting or car rides often make your symptoms worse.

At Moreland Chiropractic Clinic in Rolla MO we treat bulging or herniated disc with treatment know as Cox method. It is a long axis distraction method. It is very effective and very gentle. Treatment sessions are generally a half hour long, two to three times a week for 4 weeks. Sometimes longer if there are complications or the patient has had sciatica for a long time.

Home care and exercise is very important as well. The patient is asked to strengthen his or her spine. These exercises are available on this web site. They should be done daily to the patients tolerance.

Moreland Chiropractic Clinic has been successfully treating herniated disc for over 25 years. If you have sciatica you should check us out.

Contact our Rolla MO Location at 573-364-8086.

Moreland Chiropractic Clinic.

Dr. David J. Moreland

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Don’t look now but we are wining.

The classic information still stands true.

1:            Wash your hands, Soap really kills it better than anything.

2:            Social distance.

3:            Mind your mental health.

4:            The CDC’s web site still has the best information out there.

Some new things we are noticing. People that don’t have a spleen or have lower levels of IgM have more trouble fighting the virus. Of course this should come as no surprise. IgM is the largest immunoglobulin and it is the first to the fight and infection.

IgM's job is to bind to C1 and activate the classic complement cascade pathway. This leads to opsonization of antigens and cytolysis.  In simple words it’s our bodies “Marine's”.  -First to the fight.

If you have some spare time learn about this amazing immunoglobulin and the three complement pathways.

If you get the virus. Isolate yourself.  People that have it report that hot liquids and chicken soup etc. help. Gargle with hot salt water, practice good oral hygiene.  Don’t lay down. Laying down can promote any pneumonia during any respiratory event.

Vitamin C helps support your immune system.

If you think you have it let your doctor know. Keep a diary of your temperature and symptoms.

Follow the CDC’s web site’s instruction. This virus is no match for us. It’s RNA wrapped in fat. Soap destroys it.

Stop being afraid. We are winning. Stop watching the news.




Quick reminder. The quarantine is not to end the virus, it won’t. The idea is to give the hospitals time to get ready and hopefully prepare for the real out break later this year. Focus on what you can do for now.

1: Wash your hands. The virus is literally a ball of fat. Soap decimates it.

2: Social distance.

3: The CDC’s web site is really good for information.

4: Turn off the news. There are literally thousands of people who have gotten over this. We are not seeing their stories of survival. I have spoken to two. Here is what they had in common.

They both had a sore throat then flu like symptoms, body ache, fatigue, fever 102 -103 for three days. The had chills for a day then felt 50-60% better. They coughed for 12 days or so. When the cough went away they felt better, normal.This isn’t to diminish what it could do to the elderly or immuno-compromised.

Even the common cold can cause deadly issues with these patients. As to children, they are much better armed for this fight. They have a thymus, adults do as well but not nearly as big or active as kids. Many years ago if a child got measles or chicken pox, parents would send their children to a “Measles Party”, to contract the virus. Knowing that the kids would recover quickly. To children Chicken pox and measles is a minor infection, few ever died. To an adult Chicken pox can be deadly. Chicken pox will cause myocarditis and endocarditis.

We kept the kids home to protect the elderly. Virologist know that kids will get over it and will recover quickly from it. The entire world has only seen one child die from Corona and that child had wat is called failure to thrive, an extreme pre-existing condition.

What we are doing is working.

Be calm, we need any of the economy working safely as we can right now. Wash your hands, get outside and stay away from people.

Your mental health is at stake.




Although the news is bleak, the facts haven’t changed. If anything we know more about the virus now.

It’s an airborne virus, it is spread in air droplets when we sneeze or cough. It just isn’t flying around out there.  Most infections are from close family contact.

Washing your hands with soap for 20 seconds kills it better than anything. Any time you sneeze or cough wash your hands.

It may not look like it but staying away from people is helping. Our numbers are high because we are testing more. More people are negative than positive.

Many people have recovered and are sharing their experiences. There is the hope that using plasma from patients that have recovered can be used to help treat patients with the infection.  

A tip for individuals that use a CPAP. Now more than ever clean your unit well. Soapy water is the best.

Stay hydrated and take multi vitamins.

If you have symptoms contact your doctor. Stay home and follow the CDC’s guidelines. They are simple and help.

Rolla will see cases it is only to be expected.




Rolla Missouri St. Pats

Hey Rolla it's getting here quickly. The St. Pats days parade. March 14th. Downtown Rolla Mo. Everyone that wants to be in the parade with us needs to let us know as soon as possible. Contact us at 364-8086.

Golf carts will be transported to Newkirk Plumbing in the AM and we can decorate them for the parade. We need to be lined up for the parade at 9AM. We will be sitting there staged for about two hours so you will have alot of time to decorate your golf cart. It's a long morning but a fun morning. We hope to see everyone there.   

Dr. David Moreland   Moreland Chiropractic Clinic, Rolla MO


Tips on Heel Stike for runners

Just some Tips on Running for you from Dr. Hill 

Should you heel strike or fore foot strike while running? There has been a big movement recently in running to use a fore foot strike, but the research doesn’t support this. It is actually more efficient to heel strike while running until you get to a running speed of less than 6:25 per mile. I don’t think very many of us are running that fast, so heel striking is actually more efficient for slower runners. Now, here is the flip side. If you have chronic knee pain while running, switching to a fore foot strike pattern can unload your knee. So, if you currently heel strike and are thinking about switching to a fore foot strike and you don’t have knee pain, you may want to reconsider and stay with what you are doing. Please share with any runners you know!

Chiropracor Rolla MO.