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2014 brings big changes to the CDL/DOT medical examination process.  Physicians that perform the examinations are required to take specific training to be eligible to give the exam.  Following the training the physician must pass an examination to prove that he or she is proficient in the examination and current standards that are utilized.  Once both these standards are met the doctor then is certified by NRCME.

A certified medical examiner is then required to send drivers certification and examination data to the NRCME monthly.  This gives greater transparency to federal department of transportation on commercial drivers that are on our roads today.

There are mixed reviews about this system.  I have currently finished my training and passed my board examination.  As of the publishing of this blog I am now certified by the NRCME to give DOT examinations. Yea for me.

So I will give my two cents on the process.  Like all doctors at first I was against it.  It took time out of my life to get the training and to study for the exam, plus a day off work to take the exam.  I saw all the bad.

Looking back now, it was a great learning experience. I learned a lot and it increased my knowledge as a physician.  I am confident that in the end it will improve safety on our interstates.  It should also improve the health of the drivers.

The examination really hasn't’t changed.  Drivers will need to bring a list of all their current medications and the names of the physicians that have prescribed them.  If a driver is diabetic he will need to continue to bring a log of their glucose levels.

If there is any suspicion that a driver may have obstructive sleep apnea he or she will need to be tested.  If a diagnosis is made and a CPAP is prescribed the driver will need to demonstrate a %70 effective usage of the device.

I can say I am a better doctor after going through the process and I continue to look forward to administering the exam.  If you are in the Rolla MO or St. James MO area and you need your CDL examination renewed, give us a call at Moreland Chiropractic Clinic. We have been doing these exams for nineteen years now. 

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February 11, 2014
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Dr. Moreland

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