Chiropractor SPring

April 16, 2018, I'm still waiting for spring. This winter has been a long long drawnout winter. Mother nature is teased us with a few warm days here and there. This cold weather is aggravating everybody's neck and back issues. For those of us who love the golf it's killing us.

Fear not fellow chiropractic patients, I do believe spring is about to be here. This week the temperature should be in the 60s. My lawn had to be mowed last week which is awesome. We are already for warm weather.

Remember to do your exercises to get your's fine strong and flexible. Keep your chiropractic adjustments to keep your back healthy and moving properly. We are always open in the same location for 23 years. We want you to have a great summer and great spring we don't want you to have issues with your neck and back that limit your activities.

Hopefully the next few weekends will bring sunshine and heat so we can all get outside and enjoy the weather for you turkey hunters be safe out there the next 2 weeks.

Sincerely Dr. David Moreland, DC, CCSP.
Rolla MO 65401

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