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Chiropractor DOT Exams

We have been performing Dot physical exams for 24 years. The exam is painless. Depending on the drivers health, and if the driver can get his paperwok done prior to the exam, it doesn't take long. 

If you are taking medications make sure you bring a list of them so we can review them with you. If you use a CPAP bring the "sim-card" or proof you use the unit regularly. If you see a cardiologist make sure you have a release from the doctor if you need it. Always feel free to contact us and we can do our best to get the paperwork from the cardiologist.  

Drink plenty of water before you get here. We need a small urine sample. The biggest tip on getting the exam done quickly is to have all your paperwork done before hand, you can download the form or pick one up a our office in Rolla. 

Not all chiropractors can perform these physicals, in fact few can or do. Extensive training and testing is required before a chiropractor or medical doctor can be licensed to do the exam. Regulations are constantly changing as well. So the chiropractor must keep up to date on the reuglations and laws.  

We are for you to help get you on the road and healthy.

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