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Chiropractor Rolla MO Fall Back Pain

Fall Colors in Rolla MOThe leaves are changing colors as fall is officially here. Chiropractic patients are heading to the roads to take a look and enjoy the great temperatures. So here is some quick advice from your local chiropractor. Get out there and enjoy. Try and walk and get exercise, take a trip to the Katy trail, Meramec springs or Bennet Springs. But don’t just enjoy the fall colors from the view in the front seat of your car. Hit the trails.Riding in your car is tough on your back; the trail walk will strengthen spine and your spirit. Long car rides are hard on degenerative disc. Doing a little planning ahead, find a local spot within a half hour drive, then plan on a good leisurely walk and maybe a picnic. Your back and body will be better for it.With these changes in color will bring leaves to the lawn and this is every back nightmare. The twisting and bending of the lumbar spine can and will trigger a hot low back or aggravate a bulging disc. Take a proactive approach to your lawns clean up, make a plan. Do it a little at time or even much them.If you do hurt your back stop what you are doing immediately and get in to the chiropractor. Do not put ice on your back if you have an acute injury. Often patients complicate and aggravate their condition by using heat. Heat admittedly feels great but if heat is used to soon it will make your problem worse. Chiropractic care in Rolla MO is outstanding and very effective, safe and affordable. So get outside and enjoy the fall colors, remember to walk and exercise. Be careful with your fall cleanup. Don’t wait to get into the chiropractor if you do get hurt.Moreland Chiropractic ClinicChiropractor Rolla MODavid J. Moreland, DC, Rolla MO 573-364-8086
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October 07, 2015
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Dr. Moreland

Dr. Moreland offers many different treatment options. He utilizes hands on adjusting and he offers activator as well to patients that prefer this method. Dr. Moreland is very mindful to the type of Chiropractic treatment you prefer. He is an expert in treating herniated disc. Many offices claim to treat sports injuries, Dr. Moreland is the only local board certified sports physician. Dr. Moreland is a Rolla native and lives in Rolla. He is here when you need him. He has been in the same office for the past 25 years.

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