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Chiropractor Vaccinations

If you have been paying any attention to the national news, other than Miley Cyrus, the big headline is a huge outbreak of measles in Texas.  This outbreak has occurred within a group of people who attend a church which has in the past advocated that people not get vaccinated. As of this morning you can actually get your vaccination at the church.  I really have to commend them on the change in policy.

I cannot say why chiropractic has become an epicenter for the anit-vaccination movement.  Chiropractic has tried to make strides in the advancement in care and research.  Yet there are those that drag us down.  Part of the problem is with the pre-chiropractic education is very lacking.  Many students enter Chiropractic College with limited scientific education. Far too many get the majority of their science education from accelerated courses designed to get them into school as fast as possible.

These courses began as the decent idea of helping individuals that were short maybe one organic chemistry course etc.  The system now has become many students only avenue of pre-chiropractic education. Many students get all their pre graduate school education from these courses.

Even worse many are then double dipping on chiropractic classes and given a bachelor’s degree in biology. Granted they may contend the courses are accredited but the degree has little merit and the holder would be extremely hard pressed to get a job in any biology field with the degree.

I have advocated that chiropractic colleges get out of the pre-chiropractic education and focus on producing high quality chiropractic physicians that hold Bachelor of Science degrees from high quality universities before entering Chiropractic College. If not, at the very least, require pre-chiropractic students take the MCAT and set minimal standards for admission.  If not for the good of public health state governments should mandate that chiropractors have a BS from an accredited university, other than a Chiropractic College before entering Chiropractic College.

The point is vaccinations are safe.  They save thousands of lives every year and it is irresponsible for a health care provider to spew out internet garbage to the contrary.  We live in America, if a can of corn gives a person a belly ache we pull every can of corn off the shelves in America.

Your child is your greatest gift, give them the gift of great health and get them vaccinated. Recently Penn and Teller made a great little video on vaccinations. 

I have included it here. Be warned it has some bad language I don’t care for but it really makes he point.


If your doctor has spent hundreds of hours in labs, working with vaccines, and they tell you not to take them, okay don’t.  If your doctor got their education from an 8 week accelerated class and read something on the internet, and heard something else at a hotel seminar. Maybe get some more advice.

David J. Moreland, DC, CCSP

Moreland Chiropractic  Rolla MO 65401

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August 27, 2013
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Dr. Moreland

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