Cold Weather Tips

Cold weather makes our backs hurt. No doubt about this. So today will share some advice on dealing with cold weather and your pain. First understand that low pressure associated with colder weather makes your joints expand. This is the process that causes us pain. So here are some quick tips to help with this.

A: Get adjusted, going to the chiropractor gets your bones moving increasing your range and decreasing chances of arthritis.

B: Hydrate, drink plenty of water. Yes, water. Not soda, not coffee. Water, water,water.

C: Boost your mood, read, get out and walk, do things that make you happy, attitude is everything.

D: Moist heat for short periods of time. Never sleep on a heating pad, but moist heat or even dry heat for 15 minutes can help. You should not use heat on an acute injury.

E: Exercise, get off the couch and move. Exercise gets your joints moving circulates blood.

So it was a shot and sweat BLOG from your friendly Rolla Chiropractor. If you are hurting or just want to stay in tip top shape call Dr. David Moreland at Moreland Chiropractic clinic in Rolla MO.


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