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Don’t look now but we are wining.

The classic information still stands true.

1:            Wash your hands, Soap really kills it better than anything.

2:            Social distance.

3:            Mind your mental health.

4:            The CDC’s web site still has the best information out there.

Some new things we are noticing. People that don’t have a spleen or have lower levels of IgM have more trouble fighting the virus. Of course this should come as no surprise. IgM is the largest immunoglobulin and it is the first to the fight and infection.

IgM's job is to bind to C1 and activate the classic complement cascade pathway. This leads to opsonization of antigens and cytolysis.  In simple words it’s our bodies “Marine's”.  -First to the fight.

If you have some spare time learn about this amazing immunoglobulin and the three complement pathways.

If you get the virus. Isolate yourself.  People that have it report that hot liquids and chicken soup etc. help. Gargle with hot salt water, practice good oral hygiene.  Don’t lay down. Laying down can promote any pneumonia during any respiratory event.

Vitamin C helps support your immune system.

If you think you have it let your doctor know. Keep a diary of your temperature and symptoms.

Follow the CDC’s web site’s instruction. This virus is no match for us. It’s RNA wrapped in fat. Soap destroys it.

Stop being afraid. We are winning. Stop watching the news.