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Although the news is bleak, the facts haven’t changed. If anything we know more about the virus now.

It’s an airborne virus, it is spread in air droplets when we sneeze or cough. It just isn’t flying around out there.  Most infections are from close family contact.

Washing your hands with soap for 20 seconds kills it better than anything. Any time you sneeze or cough wash your hands.

It may not look like it but staying away from people is helping. Our numbers are high because we are testing more. More people are negative than positive.

Many people have recovered and are sharing their experiences. There is the hope that using plasma from patients that have recovered can be used to help treat patients with the infection.  

A tip for individuals that use a CPAP. Now more than ever clean your unit well. Soapy water is the best.

Stay hydrated and take multi vitamins.

If you have symptoms contact your doctor. Stay home and follow the CDC’s guidelines. They are simple and help.

Rolla will see cases it is only to be expected.