Golf is around the corner

Oh how we all hate winter. Well, golfers hate winter.

Today this chiropractor is seeing sunshine outside so I am getting the golfing bug and bad. The golf course in Rolla is showing signs of winter abuse, much like our bodies. Spring will be a much needed healing time.

Rain and sunshine will make the turf green up. Andy and his crew will begin top dressing the greens and the tee boxes. The mowers are tuned up and reay to go. Nuicance oak trees have been removed.

Where I am I going with this, well the course is getting ready, is your spine and body ready. Febuary is the best time to start getting in shape for the golf season. Get to work on your routine. Start stretching, start strengtehning your core. Chiropractors love core strengthening exercises, there are alot of these on this web page. Start practicing your swing. Hit some balls. Get to walking.

Get to the chiropractor and get adjusted. Getting your spine in shape is paramount to a golf golf swing.

Don't forget to make sure your golf cart is tuned up as well. Bateries, oil etc.

Enjoy this year.


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