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Master Golf and Your Chiropractor

Masters Season

April 11-14th is some of the greatest days of the year. I am certain you don’t need to ask why.  It’s the week of the Masters Golf tournament.  Ninety of the best golfers in the world invade Augusta Georgia to play golf in the year’s first major tournament.

What does this have to do with chiropractic care in Rolla Mo? First off I enjoy Golf, I love chiropractic care and so if I can write about both I am ecstatic.  The PGA of America hires several doctors and physical therapist to help keep the best golfers in the world in tip top shape.  The PGA also employs the services of chiropractors as well.

Dr. Tom LaFountain, DC initially worked with the US Olympic speed skating team before he began working with the PGA in 1997. He states the since 2000 approximately 72% of the golfers on the PGA receive chiropractic care.  

Think about it, 72% of the best golfers in the world use the services of a chiropractor to maintain their most important tool, their body.  These professionals’ livelihoods depend on their spines mobility and range of motion.

Dr. David J. Moreland has been giving great chiropractic care to residents and golfers of the area since 1995.  He is board certified by the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians.  Over these past 18 years he has had the pleasure of treating PGA golfers, professional football players and baseball players.

If you live in the area and you are looking to lower your GHIN handicap, consider seeing us.  Chiropractic care can lower your pain level and increase your range of motion. This will give you a bigger turn and faster club head speed.

Don’t delay, Call today.

Dr. David J. Moreland, DC, CCSP


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April 03, 2013
Team Member
Dr. Moreland

Dr. Moreland offers many different treatment options. He utilizes hands on adjusting and he offers activator as well to patients that prefer this method. Dr. Moreland is very mindful to the type of Chiropractic treatment you prefer. He is an expert in treating herniated disc. Many offices claim to treat sports injuries, Dr. Moreland is the only local board certified sports physician. Dr. Moreland is a Rolla native and lives in Rolla. He is here when you need him. He has been in the same office for the past 25 years.

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