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Conservative treatment for Migraine headaches. Moreland Chiropractic Clinic offers several different treatment options for patients that suffer from Migraine headaches. We find patients that get chiropractic care see great results for their headaches. We typically utilize chiropractic manipulative therapy and home care.

The purpose of this blog post is to help you with your home care plan.Most importantly; if you find that there are known triggers that cause you to have Migraine headaches, avoid them. Agreeably this sounds simple but often the case is not so simple. An example is fluorescent lighting. Yes fluorescent lighting triggers many people’s headaches, avoiding these lights at home is easy. Avoiding them at work or in public is not as easy. Easier triggers to avoid are using certain cleaners, foods, perfumes etc. Simply avoiding these triggers helps so AVOID them.

If you have been instructed to do home exercises, and if you are a patient in our office you moist likely have, do your exercises. These exercises help increase your pain free active range of motion. They can help restore your normal lordodic curve to your cervical spine. They also help give you control of your care.

Use ice. Using ice reduces inflammation, you know my rule, “ICE is NICE, HOT is NOT. Get in a dark room and rest. Rest and sleep help. Value your sleep. When we sleep our bodies heal, we re-charge our batteries. Getting sleep is every bit as important as getting exercise and using proper nutrition.

Try the home remedies. Some patients swear by soda. Some patients swear by chocolate. I’ve seen patients that get relief by sleeping with a bar of soap in their beds, hey if it works why not go for it.

Stick with your treatment plan and get adjusted. If you have lost your lordosis to your cervical spine, you need to see your CHIROPRACTOR. Getting adjusted helps.Well this was a short blog, back to seeing patients. Remember Moreland Chiropractic clinic is here for you and we want you better and Migraine free.MORELAND CHIROPRACTIC ROLLA MO.

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November 11, 2016
Team Member
Dr. Moreland

Dr. Moreland offers many different treatment options. He utilizes hands on adjusting and he offers activator as well to patients that prefer this method. Dr. Moreland is very mindful to the type of Chiropractic treatment you prefer. He is an expert in treating herniated disc. Many offices claim to treat sports injuries, Dr. Moreland is the only local board certified sports physician. Dr. Moreland is a Rolla native and lives in Rolla. He is here when you need him. He has been in the same office for the past 25 years.

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