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Rolla Chiropractor Videos Response

Ok so I got a few email responses to the BLOG on getting filmed while being adjusted, then having them place on the web for all the world to see.

So far the it's seems age is a factor, patients under the age of of 30 seems to not mind it at all. While older patients don't want to be fimed. A grenerational gap I guess. When I took the time myself to watch some of the podcast or videos they seemed to be made by younger chiropractors and many were one that used certain specific practice managment groups to market their practice.

Oh practice managment groups, these are companies that you pay a fee to that teach you how to build or market yor practice. Chiropractors use them as  well as Dentist. I can't honestly say I know any medical doctors that do. When I started practing chiropractic 23 years ago the practice management goups would have you go to seminars and lecture you and taught how you will be a millionaire in no time.

Now it seems the same it true with the added expense of doing integral services for you like managing your web page, Blog and getting postove reviews for you. 

Well the day goes on in my little chiropractic world and so I will wait for more input but for now I am not videing my patients getting adjusted and plastering it all over the web. Of note I did  not find any procotolgist or gynocolgist doing work on their patinet's on the web.

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October 12, 2017
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Dr. Moreland

Dr. Moreland offers many different treatment options. He utilizes hands on adjusting and he offers activator as well to patients that prefer this method. Dr. Moreland is very mindful to the type of Chiropractic treatment you prefer. He is an expert in treating herniated disc. Many offices claim to treat sports injuries, Dr. Moreland is the only local board certified sports physician. Dr. Moreland is a Rolla native and lives in Rolla. He is here when you need him. He has been in the same office for the past 25 years.

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