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Vitamins are a great topic. Every day I am inundated with questions about vitamins.   Generally the questions are what vitamin brand is the best or what works for this or that.  Recently Consumers Report did an excellent review of many vitamins; unfortunately it is not free so patients must purchase Consumers Report to get the results. 

The results on multi vitamins were positive and it appears Consumer Reports believes that most all brands are equal in quality and a person should purchase based on price. See the following link for more information: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/2012/05/multivitamins/index.htm

I recommend patients take a daily multi- vitamin or stress tab with zinc (I take a Stress tab with Zinc).  For most of us in good health this vitamin is all we need, provided you maintain a proper diet, exercise, and don’t smoke. If you are a junk food junky there is no amount vitamins, minerals or herbs that can undo the damage the poor diet creates.

At Moreland Chiropractic Clinic we do not sell vitamins, we discuss your health issues.  Then we give you advice to which vitamins we believe would benefit you the most. This then gives you the option to purchase your vitamins and supplements that you want where you want.  Fortunately Rolla MO has two awesome supplement stores, Foods for Health and Nature Girls.   They carry high quality vitamins at a fair price. If you choose not to purchase your vitamins locally  there are many companies that sell supplements on-line.

By choosing your vitamins and supplements in this manner you know you are getting the supplements that you need without high cost.  When you visit your medical doctor you may get a prescription for a medicine, you do not buy this from the doctor you get it from a pharmacy.  I believe in this philosophy.

If you are taking vitamins research them thoroughly, talk to you medical doctor or your chiropractor make sure you are investing your time and money wisely.

As always if your back is hurting we are here when you need us at Moreland Chiropractic Clinic.  We are your local full time chiropractor. Practicing at the same great location for the past seventeen plus years we are certified by The American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians.

Don’t delay, call today.


Dr. David J. Moreland, DC, CCSP

Rolla MO, St. James MO

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October 11, 2012
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Dr. Moreland

Dr. Moreland offers many different treatment options. He utilizes hands on adjusting and he offers activator as well to patients that prefer this method. Dr. Moreland is very mindful to the type of Chiropractic treatment you prefer. He is an expert in treating herniated disc. Many offices claim to treat sports injuries, Dr. Moreland is the only local board certified sports physician. Dr. Moreland is a Rolla native and lives in Rolla. He is here when you need him. He has been in the same office for the past 25 years.

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