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Rolla Chiropractor Video Reviews

Ok so I got a few email responses to the BLOG on getting filmed while being adjusted, then having them place on the web for all the world to see.

So far the it's seems age is a factor, patients under the age of of 30 seems to not mind it at all. While older patients don't want to be fimed. A grenerational gap I guess. When I took the time myself to watch some of the podcast or videos they seemed to be made by younger chiropractors and many were one that used certain specific practice managment groups to market their practice.

Oh practice managment groups, these are companies that you pay a fee to that teach you how to build or market yor practice. Chiropractors use them as  well as Dentist. I can't honestly say I know any medical doctors that do. When I started practing chiropractic 23 years ago the practice management goups would have you go to seminars and lecture you and taught how you will be a millionaire in no time.

Now it seems the same it true with the added expense of doing integral services for you like managing your web page, Blog and getting postove reviews for you. 

Well the day goes on in my little chiropractic world and so I will wait for more input but for now I am not videing my patients getting adjusted and plastering it all over the web. Of note I did  not find any procotolgist or gynocolgist doing work on their patinet's on the web.

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Back videos.

Alright, I'm looking for input here folks. I have a patient that asked me why I don't put videos on the internet of me adjusting my patients. He told me it's all the rage and he loves watching videos of people getting adjusted or as he put it getting "popped" (The term doesn't offend me).

So my question is, does this intrest people and would you want to be in these videos? I am of the opinion that privacy is important. So I don't have videos showing myself adjusting patients let alone their minor children or babies. They can't consent to having themselves put on display. You don't see Children's Hospital just showing surgeries on You Tube every day.

It's a big world out there I have actually heard employers say they won't hire people that have a bad back. So my feeling is if you are showing to the world that your getting adjusted this is also saying "hey I may have a minor issue otr a severe spine issue". How does a 2 minute video explain your situation.

 I understand that younger chiropractors are more internet savy and also want to show that the care they are giving is accepted by people. This is particularly the case with children.

So email tell me your opinions I want to know, I see the world through my prism and I tend to want to protect peoples privacy.


David J. Moreland Dc, CCSP

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Chief's Football Eric Berry injury.

Chief’s football is back and we are thrilled after last night’s win over the Patriot’s. After all that talk of a perfect season the Chief’s put a quick end to this. So in today’s blog we will address injuries, particularly Eric Berry’s Achilles tendon injury.

The Achilles tendon is a strong fibrous tendon that connects the calve muscles the foot or the calcaneus bone. Last year 2 other Chief’s suffered tears of the same muscle ending their seasons. This can be a season ending injury for Berry if he completely tore it or ruptured it. Most likely if torn they will do a surgical repair.

All of this is up in the air until this afternoon when Eric will have a MRI that will determine the extent of the injury. If it is not a complete tear he may receive conservative care, if he were not a pro bowler the same may be said for him but typically these guys go for surgery if advised.

If he sought conservative care he may even be treated by a chiropractor, he would be instructed to ice and rest, most likely a compression dressing would be utilized and he would be non-weight bearing for a few weeks. He would then wear a walking boot and use crutches for another 8 weeks and be re-evaluated. This would be followed by a lengthy recovery and rehab.

Well it’s just the beginning and we have a great season ahead so go Chief’s and get well soon Eric. If you need a chiropractor see us when you need use. Moreland Chiropractic Clinic.


School in session

School is back in full swing. The great solar eclipse is behind us and things are getting back to normal. If your child is a hold out on his school physical we can still get it done. We ask that you down load the form and have it filled out in advance to arriving.

Check your childs back pack of a morning and see hoiw heavy it is. These days the back backs and books are getting bigger and bulkier and the kids backs are suffering from it.

Moreland Chiropractic is always here to help. 

Call us when you need us.

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Oak Meadow 2 Man Scramble

This weekend is the grand Oak Meadow Country Club two man scramble. I am one excited guy, mostly because the weather is going to be fantastic.  84 degrees and sunshine, yes.

So for my Warrensburg patients that are arriving early, I have a 1:30 tee time, so I can get you in before the tournbment. If you have a early tee timne you should get your chiropractic manipulation today.

I wish everyone the best and I hope you have a great weekend golfing.

David J. Moreland, DC, CCSP, CME

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Happy Easter ROLLA

Happy easter every body. Enjoy you life and your weekend.


David Moreland DC, CCSP, CME

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Driving Tips from your ROLLA MO Chiropractor

Driving tips.It’s February and 75 degrees so I am going to begin the spring session by sharing this video by Rick Grayson at the Connie Morris Learning center in Springfield MO. Rick does a great job and fully understands the biomechanics of the Golf swing. Start of the 2017 season with his tips and getting into the Chiropractor for your adjustment.

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New Year’s resolutions, and a chiropractor’s perspective.

2016 has come and went in a blink. The world lost a lot of good people, famous people and not so famous. Many friend’s and foe’s, it seemed to be a hard time on everyone. Looking back with clarity many lost were so young, all were tragedies, few were due to accidents. Many deaths were due to addiction to pain killers.

If you have been to my office you understand that I work well with medical doctors. I send notes and collaborate with the doctors and try to keep our patients off opioids. So this year’s goal is to try and help as many people I can fight their pain without opioids. If it is only through education and giving people options, it doesn’t matter. Simply try help people help themselves. There are alternatives to opioids to treat your pain.

Chiropractic care, massage, yoga, supplements like Turmeric. Medical doctors have meds that are not opioids as well. If you are against the natural or more conservative treatment plan sit down and talk to your doctor about treatments that do not involve opioid medications. For the purpose of this BLOG I will not get into those, really that should be between you and your doctor.

Once again I will recommend the power of sleep. If you have fibromyalgia, back pain, you name the disease; there really are few ailments that won’t benefit from sleep. Do your best to set regular sleep patterns as a new year’s resolution.

Walk. Walking is simple to do, the activity requires no money, you don’t have to buy a gym membership, just walk. Get moving.

Obviously go to the Chiropractor. Chiropractic care is very beneficial for fighting pain and improving your life overall. Chiropractic adjustment increase your range of motion. The adjustment help aleve muscle pain and neuropathy. Chiropractic care is awsome, of course I am biased.

Massage is a great way to aleviate pain. I get massage and you  should too. Think of it as an investment in yourself.

Tumeric, helps many people. My wife and I drink it every day. We mix a tablespoon in out coffee. It helps relieve my knee pain.

Glucosamine Sulfate. Glucosamine "Sulfate" is very heplful. I take 2000mg of Glucosamine Sulfate as day. This is not to be confused with Glucosamine HCL. Personaly I have never benefited from Glucosamine HCL so my sugeestion is to use Glucosamine Sulfate.

Alpple Cider Vinegar with Mother. It taste like "ugg" but it helps as well. I admit I get on an apple cidar vinegar kick but often I find myself falling off it. My wife uses it more regulalry. 

Well I hope this little BLOG sparked an intrest in you to try something different and keep you away from opiods.

If you  need a Chiropractor we are here to help.

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Christmas Stress

Stress at Christmas time.You don’t need me to tell you that this year just flew by and Christmas is here, I guess I just did. Well keep your chin up friends this is supposed to be a joyful time of the year, yet for many of us it is the most stressful. So let’s brush up on what Rolla residents can do to reduce our stress and make this the best time of the year.

First make a list of what you want to accomplish, chores that need to be done, gifts that need to be bought, etc. You need a list. Then get to work on that list. Don’t procrastinate. If things need to be done, clear your calendar and get those things done.

If you need to shop, do it tonight, don’t put it off. Nothing will place more stress on you if you find out tomorrow what you wanted to purchase is sold out.

If your laundry is piling up because you’re doing other things make a plan and start working on it. House needs cleaning, get to work.

Start wrapping now, if you are behind on gift wrapping get some gift bags. They save you time and money.

Schedule a massage for yourself; let the stress melt away with a great massage. I am chiropractor so obviously I will tell you get your spine adjusted. Getting your spine in good working order and being pain free will make your holidays much better. So we got the obvious one out of the way.

Get your sleep, if you are not getting 8 hours a day you are not doing your body right. Busy people need sleep. Sleep doesn’t cost you a dime, so don’t skimp on sleep.

If you are experiencing anxiety do meditation, if you don’t know how to meditate there are some awesome APP’s for your smart phone that help with relaxation and stress. I prefer Andrew Johnson’s Deep-relax. Worth every dime, only cost a few dollars.

Make time for yourself and your friends. Time is your most valuable possession and time with family and friends is the best gift off all.

David Moreland, DC, CCSP

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Conservative treatment for Migraine headaches. Moreland Chiropractic Clinic offers several different treatment options for patients that suffer from Migraine headaches. We find patients that get chiropractic care see great results for their headaches. We typically utilize chiropractic manipulative therapy and home care.

The purpose of this blog post is to help you with your home care plan.Most importantly; if you find that there are known triggers that cause you to have Migraine headaches, avoid them. Agreeably this sounds simple but often the case is not so simple. An example is fluorescent lighting. Yes fluorescent lighting triggers many people’s headaches, avoiding these lights at home is easy. Avoiding them at work or in public is not as easy. Easier triggers to avoid are using certain cleaners, foods, perfumes etc. Simply avoiding these triggers helps so AVOID them.

If you have been instructed to do home exercises, and if you are a patient in our office you moist likely have, do your exercises. These exercises help increase your pain free active range of motion. They can help restore your normal lordodic curve to your cervical spine. They also help give you control of your care.

Use ice. Using ice reduces inflammation, you know my rule, “ICE is NICE, HOT is NOT. Get in a dark room and rest. Rest and sleep help. Value your sleep. When we sleep our bodies heal, we re-charge our batteries. Getting sleep is every bit as important as getting exercise and using proper nutrition.

Try the home remedies. Some patients swear by soda. Some patients swear by chocolate. I’ve seen patients that get relief by sleeping with a bar of soap in their beds, hey if it works why not go for it.

Stick with your treatment plan and get adjusted. If you have lost your lordosis to your cervical spine, you need to see your CHIROPRACTOR. Getting adjusted helps.Well this was a short blog, back to seeing patients. Remember Moreland Chiropractic clinic is here for you and we want you better and Migraine free.MORELAND CHIROPRACTIC ROLLA MO.