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Chiropractor DOT Exams

We have been performing Dot physical exams for 24 years. The exam is painless. Depending on the drivers health, and if the driver can get his paperwok done prior to the exam, it doesn't take long. 

If you are taking medications make sure you bring a list of them so we can review them with you. If you use a CPAP bring the "sim-card" or proof you use the unit regularly. If you see a cardiologist make sure you have a release from the doctor if you need it. Always feel free to contact us and we can do our best to get the paperwork from the cardiologist.  

Drink plenty of water before you get here. We need a small urine sample. The biggest tip on getting the exam done quickly is to have all your paperwork done before hand, you can download the form or pick one up a our office in Rolla. 

Not all chiropractors can perform these physicals, in fact few can or do. Extensive training and testing is required before a chiropractor or medical doctor can be licensed to do the exam. Regulations are constantly changing as well. So the chiropractor must keep up to date on the reuglations and laws.  

We are for you to help get you on the road and healthy.

Contact our Rolla Office at 364-8086

Chiropractor, Moreland Chiropractic Rolla Mo.  


Happy New Year

Happy New Year.

It has been a great pleasure serving everyone with thier chiropractic needs. We hope that 2020 is a blessed year to everyone.  As always we are here to help you. 

Feel free to contact us.


Dr. David Moreland

Chiropractor Rolla Mo 573-364-8086


Thanksgiving hours

We are open next week. M-W. Normal hours until Wed. We will leave around 1 on Wed.

Everyone have a happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time with your family.




Rolla Golf Cure

Dr Golf is changing. The Golf Cure is comming. This is good news we are adding some help to our busy healthy golf sessions this spring. We will have PGA instructors, physcial therapist aand another chiropractor to help us out.

It is exciting to build this thing. We will stick with this format through the fall then in the spring we will add these professionals and Trackman. Its truly exciting.

See you in ther fairways,

David Moreland DC, CCSP.

Rolla MO 573-364-8086



Ken Lanning Rolla MO

This weekend is the 46th Ken Lanning Jr Golf Tournament. So there si no Dr. Golf this weekend. Hopefully everyones chiropractic needs are met. It's a busy weekend. We can still use a few volunteers.                              

Contact Moreland Chiropractic Clinic 364-8086 to help. 






Rolla Oak Meadow Memeber Member

Okay this isn't chiropractor related but I have patients that want access to it so here it is.

Greetings Oak Meadow members,

I would like to begin with offering our sincere condolences to treasurer Larry Thomas. He recently lost his father. We are so sorry for his loss; Mr. Thomas raised a fine man in Larry.

A word on Larry, he has done an incredible job at keeping your club in great financial shape. Small clubs like ours are struggling.  Sullivan was just sold to the city, and Lebanon has lost all of their greens. Thanks to Larry we are securely in the black. Larry has helped give you a fine product this year. He has been integral in getting us new equipment and manpower. Please thank him for doing a yeoman’s job.

The member/member tournament is this week. A word on what we are doing to get the course up to the highest standards for the event.

The greens are cut off from water until the tournament. This practice will firm up the greens and start the process of ramping up speed. The roots of the greens are in fine shape, best they have ever been, this will  further improve root structure. If the afternoon temps get too high, we will syringe the greens to lower the surface temps. We are mowing at 0.140 inches. This mowing-height will be lowered Friday.  

The greens are being double cut daily and the final cut is being hand mown. Saturday and Sunday, the greens will be double cut, hand mown, and finally the greens will be double rolled. The four to five hours after this process should give you exceptional putting surfaces.

Friday evening, myself and the golf chair will direct the grounds crew on pin placement. There will be 6 tough pins, 6 easy pins and 6 reasonable pin positions. We really want to give you a fun tournament.

Oak Meadow has the highest quality flag sticks you can get. They are embedded with crystal prisms that are intended to work with lasers with “Jolt” or “Pin-seeker” technology. If you use a laser the pin will quickly give you a precise measurement.  Lasers, when used with these sticks, give you much more accurate measurements than GPS. Generally, the GPS is off by 3-5 yards.

I did have Golf Logix map our greens recently last week, if you use the app by “Golf Logix” you now have approach and green mapping.  It is neat however nowhere near as precise as a laser.    

Oak Meadow gets a heavy amount of play. We all like to ride one to a cart. This puts more stress on the course and our carts. Please double up on carts.  The greens are getting beat up by un-repaired ball marks. Please set an example by repairing yours and one other. Its your green, be a great steward of the course by pitching in and taking care of it.

The new equipment we acquired this spring is paying off. Particularly the Toro 3500-D Sidewinder. It mows the tee boxes, collars and surrounds. We are seeing better contrast in our cut now. It is not only pleasing to the eye it gives us a better playing surface.

After the member/member, both of our greens mowers will be taken back to Toro for servicing. The heads and tournament blades will be gone over, sharpened, re-calibrated and significantly improved. Next week there will be a day when the greens will not be mowed so please bear with us.

The practice green is slowly coming along.  June brought us temperatures that were too cold as opposed to too warm. Night temps are in the upper 50’s; the seedlings are needing some heat. Mother nature will supply this soon.

We have a lot of clover, this is due to the extreme rain we’ve had. Next week we will spray out the clover. Many thanks to our agronomist Alan Helms. He has given us the chemicals to do this, saving you $3,000.

Foxes and Armadillos are getting into our greens and digging holes. They seem to hit #6 every night now. We are open to any ideas to keep down their activity.

We are slowly re-doing all the bunkers. #3 and #4 have new high quality sand that plays very well.

Next month, tees, fairways, approaches and surrounds will be aerated. The tee boxes will be top dressed with a sand-peat mix. This should be a significant improvement to our teeing surfaces.

Finally, the next few tournaments (including the member/member) will have the three-hole opportunity on #14. Please support this fundraiser. All of the improvements we have achieved have been through donations and this fundraiser. The money you give will go back directly into the course. We are only scratching the surface as to what we want to accomplish for you.

As always, if you have questions or concerns send them my way.

See you in the fairways,

Dr. David Moreland











Rolla MO Chiropractic Oak Meadow

Greeting Oak Meadow Members

June is being kind to us. We have temperate weather and less rain. These are excellent conditions to improve the quality of our greens. The best news is we currently have root structures that are 8 and 9 inches long. This makes the greens more tolerant to heat in July and August. Getting here was difficult, we had torrential rain that allowed the turf to seek water at the surface.

Following is what we did to get here.

Last fall we hydro-jected the greens. This process busted up the compacted soil at 8 to 12 inches. This spring we professionally aerated the greens at a depth of 10 inches.  We removed the old cores and used them to improve the collars. We then over-seeded the greens several times.  We vertical cut and top dressed when we could.

Once the rain stopped we did not turn on the watering system. Starving the greens of water. This forced the roots to go deep searching for moisture. With our soil in better condition the roots had air spaces to grow.

We are currently mowing at 0.140”. We are trying to perform the final cut with a walk behind mower.  We are rolling the greens two times a week. We are experiencing an issue with our new mower. It is equipped with “tournament blades” they are thinner and should be giving us a high quality cut. They are not giving us the cut we are expecting. Toro is taking the entire unit back, putting the heads on a bench and going through the machine. This issue will get fixed.

We still have too much Poa anna in some of our greens. In preparation to rid us of this nuisance species we are over-seeding the greens now. In the heat of July you will see some yellow spots; thusly you may fear we are losing the greens. This will not be the case.

We want the Poa gone, Mother nature will do the work for us. The heat will kill the Poa. With the bent seed in place it will quickly fill in the yellow areas. Once every green is pure bent we will have spectacular turf that grows at the same rate. This will give us a smooth even putting surface. Remember bent grass tolerates heat better than Poa. 

In the spring we will spray Proxy on the greens, it will limit Poa. This spring was a constant battle with rain which diluted the Proxy and washed it away.

The new practice green is coming along. The rain did wash away a lot of the seed. As of today we have seeded it three times, slowly over the next 3 weeks it will fill in more. There is nut-grass growing on the green. We will have to pull this nuisance grass out by hand.

Once the new green is established Dave Weinbaum is going to help us install a nice bunker next to the old putting green. Many thanks to Dave.

The drainage issue with 12 tee box is fixed, we are trying to get good turf established around the Tee. We will get there just give us time.

The ditch along 8 fairway has been repaired so we should have less issues with flooding.

If you have noticed there is a new bench on the practice green with my name on it.  The benches are constructed from the White Oak Trees that we have harvested at Oak Meadow. They are custom made by Tom Winzer. You will see many more over the next few months. If you would like a bench with your name on let me know ASAP. Many have been spoken for.

On September 28th we will have a tournament to help pay for many more improvements at the club. The “Tough Putt Challenge”. It will be a 2 man four-ball and a 2 lady scramble. The weather will be temperate. We will shut of the water for a few days, firming up the greens. Lower the walk behind, double cut and double roll the greens. They will be fast. Please support this tournament if you can.

The money raised will be earmarked to update and improve many of our tee boxes. Examples will be #1, 13, 5, forward 3 and 6. Others as well, it just takes money.

Finally, I failed to mention that along with Mike Lorey; Billy Johnston, Jason Frost and Shane McKern all pitched in to help re-furbish the tee signs last winter. They did a fantastic job. I believe they are currently working on fixing up the larger course sign. Give them a thanks for doing this.

See you in the fairway,

Dr. David J. Moreland

Green Chair



National Chiropractic Survey

Recently the Journal of spine published data that states since 2002 to 2012 there is an increase of 63% of individuals over the age of 30 seeking out chiropractic care to help with back pain.
A substantial portion of US adults utilize chiropractic care over the last 12 months compared to 2002. Chiropractic care offers patients a drug-free alternative to dealing with back pain. Chiropractic care tends to focus on treating the cause of the problem and not the symptoms of the problem.

Chiropractors use manual adjustments and physical techniques such as exercise to help strengthen patient spine.

If you live in the Rolla area consider seen Moreland chiropractic for chiropractic care. Dr. Moreland is continually sought help for for great chiropractic care. He is open to all treatment modalities that will benefit patients. He takes the time to listen to you and understand your issues before developing a treatment plan.

Don't delay, call today.

Moreland Chiropractic Clinic, Rolla, MO 65401.



Oak Meadow Rolla MO Chiropractor

Good afternoon Oak Meadow members,

I hope you are enjoying your course. The greens are doing well. We are going to Verti-cut the greens today. We try to Verti-cut the greens every two weeks during temperate seasons. Mother nature often thwarts our efforts. From June to August the crew must lay off this process. Few courses Verti-cut during the extreme heat of Midwest summers.

Our greens mowers are fitted with heads which have blades that are thin and tightly spaced. The blades cut down vertically into the turf at 0.125”. After Verti-cutting, the green is mowed again with regular blades.

The process removes excess leaf growth that makes our greens spongy and bumpy. Verti-cutting opens grooves so we can brush in top dressing sand. It promotes upright growth of the turf blade by removing horizontal growing structures. It removes Poa annua seed heads. This totals up to a higher quality cut when the green is mown daily.  

To the contrary, Verti-cutting does not speed up our greens, it initially slows them down. The process is vital to improve the consistency and speed of the green.

Our Zoysia fairways have had a tough spring. The rain did not allow us to mow them, so they went to seed. The seed-stems are very fibrous, they do not go through the reel mowers. They clog the reels and lay over the grass. The reel mowers do a fantastic job on blades of grass, they are no match for the stick-like seed-stems. The white on the fairways is billions of seed-stems. With time we will get rid of them; your patience is appreciated.

We plan on fixing #8 fairways drainage this winter. The ditch to the left of the fairway will be enhanced and drainage may be added. We have several months to plan and we are open to everyone’s thoughts and ideas. 

The practice green received a ton of rain right after it was seeded. Fear not, we have plenty of seed. We use probes to let us know its Ph and moisture level. When the time is appropriate we will add more seed, fertilizer, and aerate.

The new green is fascinating. Built to exact USGA specs it is a different beast than any of our push-up greens. When mature it should be firm, fast and easy to take care of. Its size will allow competitive golfers the opportunity to practice lag-putting that is needed on larger greens.

Our soil chemistry was good but the rain diluted and washed away some chemicals, we are getting more soil samples taken. We will adjust our chemical plan accordingly.

A word on ball washers; I was asked where did they all go? In 2003 the course added Tee-signs that were equipped with plastic ball washers. Plastic doesn’t hold up well over 17 years. Many cracked and would not hold water.

A year ago the signs were refurbished, thanks to Mike Lorey. At this time, the crew took all the ball washers off the course. Ball washers that were workable were fixed and put back on the Tee-signs. Washers that were not repairable and would not hold water were discarded.

So if anyone would like to donate or help raise funds to replace them I am open to your help. My suggestion is we only use aluminum Par-aide ball washers. They cost $220. They last a life time. Being metal they hold up well over the years and the parts in-side are replaceable.

The next green committee meeting June 10th at 6:30. Feel free to attend.

See you in the fairways,

David J. Moreland

Green chair    We understand that this post isn't chiropractic related but my patients that are members and patients have asked that I post my updates here so they can read them if they get kicked off of the oak Meadow site.

As always we do provide high quality chiropractic care in Rolla Mo. Moreland Chiropractic Clinic. 



St. James @ Pesron

Hey guys there is still time to get registered for the St. James 2 person scramble this weekend. The Oak Meadow 3 person is May 11 and 12. There are openings for this tournament as well. Next Sr. Golf session is Thursday May 9. 2 PM. Shoulders and Cores.

Moreland Chiropractic  Dr. David Moreland Rolla MO