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Grellner Golf

The Grellner golf tournament was a blast as always. I got to see a lot of friends and patients. For all my Dr Golf patients, you looked good out there. It was nice to see everyone doing thier exercises.

Next tournament for me will be the OMCC two man in July. We will have two Dr. Golf before then, one her and one in Springfield.

Chiropractic care does amazing things.





Oak Meadow 3 person

The Oak Meadow 3 person scramble is this weekend. As usual I will be doing a Dr. Golf this Thursday before. It is limited to 10 people.

We will work on your turn, hip flexors and hamstrings.

Looking forward to seeing everyone that is from out of town.


David J. Moreland, DC, CCSP

Certfied by the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians 

Rolla MO



Chiropractor SPring

April 16, 2018, I'm still waiting for spring. This winter has been a long long drawnout winter. Mother nature is teased us with a few warm days here and there. This cold weather is aggravating everybody's neck and back issues. For those of us who love the golf it's killing us.

Fear not fellow chiropractic patients, I do believe spring is about to be here. This week the temperature should be in the 60s. My lawn had to be mowed last week which is awesome. We are already for warm weather.

Remember to do your exercises to get your's fine strong and flexible. Keep your chiropractic adjustments to keep your back healthy and moving properly. We are always open in the same location for 23 years. We want you to have a great summer and great spring we don't want you to have issues with your neck and back that limit your activities.

Hopefully the next few weekends will bring sunshine and heat so we can all get outside and enjoy the weather for you turkey hunters be safe out there the next 2 weeks.

Sincerely Dr. David Moreland, DC, CCSP.
Rolla MO 65401


Golf is around the corner

Oh how we all hate winter. Well, golfers hate winter.

Today this chiropractor is seeing sunshine outside so I am getting the golfing bug and bad. The golf course in Rolla is showing signs of winter abuse, much like our bodies. Spring will be a much needed healing time.

Rain and sunshine will make the turf green up. Andy and his crew will begin top dressing the greens and the tee boxes. The mowers are tuned up and reay to go. Nuicance oak trees have been removed.

Where I am I going with this, well the course is getting ready, is your spine and body ready. Febuary is the best time to start getting in shape for the golf season. Get to work on your routine. Start stretching, start strengtehning your core. Chiropractors love core strengthening exercises, there are alot of these on this web page. Start practicing your swing. Hit some balls. Get to walking.

Get to the chiropractor and get adjusted. Getting your spine in shape is paramount to a golf golf swing.

Don't forget to make sure your golf cart is tuned up as well. Bateries, oil etc.

Enjoy this year.



Chiropractor Cold Weather Blues

Patients are often confused about their back pain and cold weather. A patient wonders why ice feels good on their back but yet when it’s cold outside their back hurts more. There is a reason for this phenomenon. Colder weather is often associated with low pressure zones. Low pressure causes joints and bones to expand. If the patient has arthritis this joint expansion creates pain.

This is different than using cryotherapy at home during an acute injury. When a patient uses cryotherapy at home this reduces inflammation in the joint. By reducing inflammation in the joint this makes the joint slightly smaller and reduces edema and inflammation around the joint thereby reducing the patient’s pain.

So a patient must understand when it is proper to use heat and when it is proper to use ice. The basic rule of thumb is ice is “nice and hot is not”. This rule is in regard to an acute injury.

An example of this is when a patient sprains or strains his or her ankle. Initially for the first 48 to 72 hours ice should be applied.

An example of a chronic condition may be upper back pain. If the patient has had these aches and pains and they’ve had them for a long time say several years, and there is no radiculopathy are neuropathy. Then it is appropriate to use a moist heating pad.This will reduce pain and increase circulation. If you live in Rolla Missouri and are suffering from back pain consider giving chiropractic care a try. Chiropractic can work wonders for patients with back pain. Getting your joints moving and optimizing your spine is always a healthy idea. Moreland chiropractic clinic has been offering incredible chiropractic care for 23 years in the same great location.


Cold Weather Tips

Cold weather makes our backs hurt. No doubt about this. So today will share some advice on dealing with cold weather and your pain. First understand that low pressure associated with colder weather makes your joints expand. This is the process that causes us pain. So here are some quick tips to help with this.

A: Get adjusted, going to the chiropractor gets your bones moving increasing your range and decreasing chances of arthritis.

B: Hydrate, drink plenty of water. Yes, water. Not soda, not coffee. Water, water,water.

C: Boost your mood, read, get out and walk, do things that make you happy, attitude is everything.

D: Moist heat for short periods of time. Never sleep on a heating pad, but moist heat or even dry heat for 15 minutes can help. You should not use heat on an acute injury.

E: Exercise, get off the couch and move. Exercise gets your joints moving circulates blood.

So it was a shot and sweat BLOG from your friendly Rolla Chiropractor. If you are hurting or just want to stay in tip top shape call Dr. David Moreland at Moreland Chiropractic clinic in Rolla MO.



Rolla Chiropractor Video Reviews

Ok so I got a few email responses to the BLOG on getting filmed while being adjusted, then having them place on the web for all the world to see.

So far the it's seems age is a factor, patients under the age of of 30 seems to not mind it at all. While older patients don't want to be fimed. A grenerational gap I guess. When I took the time myself to watch some of the podcast or videos they seemed to be made by younger chiropractors and many were one that used certain specific practice managment groups to market their practice.

Oh practice managment groups, these are companies that you pay a fee to that teach you how to build or market yor practice. Chiropractors use them as  well as Dentist. I can't honestly say I know any medical doctors that do. When I started practing chiropractic 23 years ago the practice management goups would have you go to seminars and lecture you and taught how you will be a millionaire in no time.

Now it seems the same it true with the added expense of doing integral services for you like managing your web page, Blog and getting postove reviews for you. 

Well the day goes on in my little chiropractic world and so I will wait for more input but for now I am not videing my patients getting adjusted and plastering it all over the web. Of note I did  not find any procotolgist or gynocolgist doing work on their patinet's on the web.

Moreland Chirpractic

Rolla MO




Back videos.

Alright, I'm looking for input here folks. I have a patient that asked me why I don't put videos on the internet of me adjusting my patients. He told me it's all the rage and he loves watching videos of people getting adjusted or as he put it getting "popped" (The term doesn't offend me).

So my question is, does this intrest people and would you want to be in these videos? I am of the opinion that privacy is important. So I don't have videos showing myself adjusting patients let alone their minor children or babies. They can't consent to having themselves put on display. You don't see Children's Hospital just showing surgeries on You Tube every day.

It's a big world out there I have actually heard employers say they won't hire people that have a bad back. So my feeling is if you are showing to the world that your getting adjusted this is also saying "hey I may have a minor issue otr a severe spine issue". How does a 2 minute video explain your situation.

 I understand that younger chiropractors are more internet savy and also want to show that the care they are giving is accepted by people. This is particularly the case with children.

So email tell me your opinions I want to know, I see the world through my prism and I tend to want to protect peoples privacy.


David J. Moreland Dc, CCSP

Chiropractor Rolla MO

Moreland Chiropractic


Chief's Football Eric Berry injury.

Chief’s football is back and we are thrilled after last night’s win over the Patriot’s. After all that talk of a perfect season the Chief’s put a quick end to this. So in today’s blog we will address injuries, particularly Eric Berry’s Achilles tendon injury.

The Achilles tendon is a strong fibrous tendon that connects the calve muscles the foot or the calcaneus bone. Last year 2 other Chief’s suffered tears of the same muscle ending their seasons. This can be a season ending injury for Berry if he completely tore it or ruptured it. Most likely if torn they will do a surgical repair.

All of this is up in the air until this afternoon when Eric will have a MRI that will determine the extent of the injury. If it is not a complete tear he may receive conservative care, if he were not a pro bowler the same may be said for him but typically these guys go for surgery if advised.

If he sought conservative care he may even be treated by a chiropractor, he would be instructed to ice and rest, most likely a compression dressing would be utilized and he would be non-weight bearing for a few weeks. He would then wear a walking boot and use crutches for another 8 weeks and be re-evaluated. This would be followed by a lengthy recovery and rehab.

Well it’s just the beginning and we have a great season ahead so go Chief’s and get well soon Eric. If you need a chiropractor see us when you need use. Moreland Chiropractic Clinic.