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Zombie back pain and you.

In these troubling times and with the Government setting out techniques to deal with a possible Zombie apocalypse, you can well imagine the number of patients asking me how to deal with back pain that is caused by Zombies.  Zombie back pain can be similar to any back pain. Let’s say you’ve had a Zombie attack and in your effort to escape you lifted pushed the Zombie off yourself or your friend.  Its important ice this initial injury for ten to fifteen minutes every two to four hours.  If you are suffering pain down your legs or arms you may have Zombie induced pinched nerve.  Chiropractors are well trained to treat this type of injury and you should make an appointment as soon as possible.

Remember when lifting a Zombie off you or a friend it is important to lift with your legs and try not to twist.  It is advised to get away from the Zombie if possible. Being under Zombie bombardment can be stressful and cause headaches as well.  Once again chiropractic care for Zombie induced headaches can be very effective.  We utilize a gentle technique to restore the normal curve of the cervical spine that may be damaged during a Zombie attack.

If you have back pain Zombie induced or not, call us today.



McKenzie Method

I've treated headaches for years with great success. I use the McKenzie method. It is a simple method directed at restoring the necks normal curvature. The process works wonders.  It is not a severe snap of the neck. It is a subtle adjustment teamed with home exercises that dramatically reduce headaches and neck pain.  If you've had headaches for years and nothing helps, including chiropractic adjustments, you should give it a try. It is a different approach. In 2006 I suffered headaches myself, bad ones. This is the treatment that ridded me of my migraines. 

Call us for a chit chat about it.



Headache Adjustment

Headaches, Migraines, etc. If you have one you know the agony. I am writing today about Headaches because I have a headache today. So what will I do about it? I'm going to get adjusted by a friend who is a Chiropractor. He will use a technique known as SOT. It works wonders for headaches. If you have a headache and you are in the Rolla, MO area. You should see what Chiropractic care can do for you. Don't fight it. Fix it.

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Back Pain

Did you wake up this morning and your low back is killing you. Hard to stand up straight, don't feel like you can get up and out of your car. Its called facet syndrome. It is very painful. It is also very easy to fix. Get in to see us today. It won't get better on its own.




Beware of spinal scan scam. Years ago snake oil salesmen would travel to town selling their elixirs and potions, preying on people’s misfortune. Today unfortunately it is the spinal scan scam, these are marketing tools used by Chiropractors to get people to come to the office. I myself purchased one last year for use in my office, a surface EMG. Its sits collecting dust as I write this blog now. I found that it was totally unreliable; it never gives useful results on patients. I was disappointed to say the least.  

As you read the marketing material for these machines they are intended to boost your patient volume and maximize your income. The tests reveal red and green lines drawn on flashy big screens. An elaborate print out is given to the person with information on why they must seek care immediately.   

Do these test really give you any reliable information though? Insurance companies and neurologists, for the most part, like me believe they do not. The test is not covered by any insurance company. So I asked myself, is it the machine, or is it the way it is used?

The most common use is at a marketing event, lawn and garden show, etc. Another is to go to a small office or business and test all the employees. The problem with this testing is that everyone tested has a bad back. They all need immediate care to restore their health, red flags and lines are raised.  How can this be?  Does every person have a horrible back that requires immediate attention?

The answer is no. I love being a Chiropractor; I enjoy helping people with their spinal problems. The fact is, if you are not in pain you probably don’t need to be in a Chiropractic office. If you do have a back problem you most likely can benefit from being in a Chiropractic office.

If you back doesn’t bother you this is awesome. Eat right, exercise and stay healthy. A Chiropractor will be there when you need one.

If your back does hurt find an URAC board certified Chiropractor with at least ten years’ experience. Talk to your friends, family, or your medical doctor. This is the best way to find a great Chiropractor.


Headache & Spinal Curve

If your getting headaches and nothing seems to help, its time to see us. Headaches are often simple to treat. Most are caused by a simple loss in the normal curve of the spine. With adjustments and home exercise the normal curve is restored and the headaches subside.

The weather is turning for the better so get out there and enjoy it.

David J. Moreland, DC, CCSP


Chiropractor's Education

A question I get asked a lot is what's the difference in a Chiropractors education and that of a medical doctors.  The answer is there are more similarities than not. Chiropractors have more class time while MD's have more time in residencies and internships. For this reason it is best to pick a Chiropractor with years of experience.  Look for a Chiropractor with a URAC board certification and ten years experience. Ask around, talk to people you work with or your medical doctor when choosing a Chiropractor. Word of mouth is always the best. You wouldn't pick your neurologist from the local lawn and garden show, you shouldn't your Chiropractor either.



Headaches, one of the most frustrating things a patient can have. They can consume your life. Patients try the gambit of pills, rubs, oils; you name it you can buy it.  Doctors order X-rays, MRI’s, CT’s and various test. Rarely do they diagnose the problem that causes the headache. This leaves the patient wondering the cause of the headaches and living with the pain.

At our office we go back to the first test and x-rays ordered and most often we find the cause. Unfortunately it is simple and just ignored. Physicians are not taught that this simple finding can cause patients such terrible headache.

Straightening of the normal lordodic curve of the neck.  God intended for our necks to be curved slightly backwards. When we lose that curve we get headaches. When the curve is restored the headaches diminish.

I utilize a chiropractic technique called SOT and combine it with McKenzie extension exercises at home. The results are remarkable. If you have headaches you don’t have to live with them, call our office today. See if we can help. We are always ready to answer your questions.



Stop Smoking with Acupuncture

We do acupuncture for smoking cessation.  This involves using very small acupuncture needles or press needles that are applied  to the ear. They hurt just a very tiny bit. They stimulate points that help the patient with nicotine cravings. Its easy and it helps a lot of people stop the habit.

As one lady told me today, " it's much cheaper than smoking."

Call today- 364-8086


Herniated Disc

One of the most common back problems is a herniated or bulging disc. Many people suffer from these. The common signs are low back pain. Leg and buttock pain which is often deep and can go to the knee and or ankle. The great news it that they are easily treated with Chiropractic care.

Our office prefers to treat these with a method known as Cox flexion distraction. We have literally treated thousands of these. Most of our patients get great results. The procedure is painless, patients state it feels good. It is easy to perform, with the right equipment and training, and very inexpensive. 

If you have a bulging disc you should contact our office today to get started on the road to recovery.

Ask your friends and your doctor. You may find out that they have similar problems and come to our office for relief.

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